Delicious Alchemy Gluten Free Magic Bake Off Champion 2014.

Delicious Alchemy, gluten-free, celebration, cake

Wow, really excited to be the Delicious Alchemy Gluten-free Magic Bake Off Champion 2014 with my ‘Blooming Lovely Citrus And Poppy Seed Celebration Drizzle Cake Filled With Prosecco Cream And Homemade Blackberry Jam!’

Delicious Alchemy, Gluten-free, Lemon, Orange, Poppy Seeds, Celebration, Cake

The Final Showstopper Challenge:
The final challenge was to create a celebration cake using Delicious Alchemy Vanilla Sponge Mix. The celebration and decoration were completely up to us, but it had to be at least two tiers tall and the sponge had to be flavoured.

My Vision:
I immediately knew that I wanted my cake to have an Autumnal feel and focus on the use of seasonal fruit and edible flowers that would compliment the cake. I made my own blackberry jam, (which was a first) and made my own bunting with Delicious Alchemy written across it. The edible flowers were supplied by Maddocks Farm Organics.

The cakes were flavoured with orange and lemon zest and a peppering of poppy seeds. Each tier was sprinkled with orange and lemon drizzle and the cream was delicately flavoured with Prosecco….we may have polished the rest of that off to celebrate my win!

Delicious Alchemy, gluten-free, celebration, cake, lemon, orange, edible flowers, seasonal, fruit

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