Will’s School Bakes With A Gluten-Free Twist

William is 6 years old and started school in September 2015. He was keen to be involved in every aspect of school life and ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Crispy Cakes (GF)

Today baking club made chocolate crispy cakes. The children broke up the chocolate and placed it in a bowl and warmed it ... Continue Reading

The Curly Wurly Pretzel (GF)

Of all the things that William has made, baked and prepared so far at school baking club, THIS has to be mine and William's ... Continue Reading

Ice Cream Fruit Smoothie (GF)

As Summer approaches and the weather is hopefully going to be favourable, fingers crossed. Baking club just got cooler. ... Continue Reading

The Best Pizza Ever, according to William! (GF)

Today William proudly shared his carefully crafted gluten-free pizza laden with ham, pineapple, cherry tomatoes, ... Continue Reading

Berry Fruit Salad (GF)

Baking club has started again. Putting the Easter chocolate indulgence behind us, it was lovely to see that William had ... Continue Reading

Valentine Crispy Cakes (GF)

Today William brought home not one but two gluten-free dark chocolate crispy cakes that he had made at school baking ... Continue Reading

Ham and Mozzarella Pasta Bake (GF)

When William walked through the door after baking club today he was bursting with pride and holding a very substantial ... Continue Reading

New Year, New Term Healthy Fruit Salad (GF)

January is the time to kick off the year with healthy positivity and so I was pleased to see what William had been busy ... Continue Reading

Ellis The Polar Bear Christmas Cake (GF)

William has been quite secretive about School Baking Club recently and now I know why. I received an early Christmas ... Continue Reading