Draughts Game Inspired Sandwiches (GF)

Genius sandwiches
Sandwiches needn’t be boring! These fun and nutritious draughts game inspired sandwiches make the perfect addition to a school pack up, party or picnic. I always try and get my coeliac son Will and his 2 siblings involved in the kitchen so they gain an understanding about suitable ingredients and preparation which will stand them in good stead for the future.

With this recipe I let the children decide on their favourite fillings to create their own sandwiches. They really enjoyed this and quickly realised that picking different filling each meant that they got to taste each others too, broadening their taste buds and independence.

One of the key objectives I follow when baking, cooking or making any food for Will and his siblings is to ensure that he never feels compromised on dining gluten-free, if anything I strive to make sure other people want to eat what HE is eating and not focussed on what he is missing out on.

Using Genius Gluten-Free Soft White Farmhouse bread and Genius Gluten-Free Triple Seeded Farmhouse bread, I created the following school lunchbox recipe.

Genius Gluten-Free


1 slice Genius Gluten-Free Soft White Farmhouse bread
3 slices Genius Gluten-Free Triple Seeded Farmhouse bread
Smoked salmon
50g / 2oz cream cheese
½ lemon, juiced
Handful spinach leaves, stalks removed
3 slices ham
25g / 1oz Cheddar cheese
2 cherry tomatoes, sliced
Handful coriander, stalks removed


1. Put the cream cheese and lemon juice in a small bowl and mix until evenly combined. Leave on one side.

2. Place a piece of cling film over the top of the bread and roll out to approximately 2 – 3mm thick which makes it easier to roll into pinwheel spirals at the end.

3. Spread the cream cheese mixture liberally over the Genius Gluten-Free Soft White Farmhouse bread and layer with smoked salmon. Place several spinach leaves over the top and trim the bread crusts off to create neat even sides. Roll tightly into a spiral shape, then cut into 2 even pinwheels.

4. Next, butter 3 slices of Genius Gluten-Free Triple Seeded Farmhouse bread and place slices of ham on top of the first slice followed by the cherry tomatoes.

5. Layer a second slice of bread on top and sprinkle with the grated cheese and coriander leaves. Complete with the final piece of bread and slice into quarters.

6. Assemble alternate square draught sandwiches next to the smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheels in the lunchbox along with your choice of favourite packup snacks – A winning combination!

 This post was sponsored by Genius Gluten-Free.

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