Sun, Sea and a whole new world of Stress

We have been staying in “Cheshire-on-sea” for the past few days, (the Llyn Peninsula in Welsh Wales to be precise), catching up with friends. The father-in-law claims it has its own micro-climate and that it never rains here. What rubbish, the weather report forecast rain and cloud today, so imagine my disbelief when we had to lather the kids in factor 50 – This is our little secret by the way, I have not told the father-in-law as it would give him too much ammo for his cognitive bias.

Evie Beach

Ok, so I appreciate that children have to grow up, It would be plain weird if they didn’t. But today has been one of those days where that fact smacks you right in the face. Today Evie informed us that she was taking her pocket money, (this is a new thing), to the campsite shop with her 3 little pals, counted it out perfectly and left. It’s only 200 yards away and we followed them, at a discreet distance obviously. But stop right there, what is wrong with just building sandcastles on the beach with mummy, thank you very much?!

After much hyper-ventilation, William decided it was also the perfect time to master riding his bike without stabilisers for the first time, no wobbles or anything. Proud (and competitive Mum)! He then promptly rode off into the sunset waving as he went with his little pals on their bikes. I think we have discovered the miniature chapter of the Pwlllheli Hell’s Angels (I am assuming that all Hell’s Angels are only allowed to ride within their parents view). As Ben was fast asleep, no doubt dreaming about aspiring to join the Hell’s Angels, we found ourselves suddenly redundant, parents without portfolio, on the scrap heap, call it what you will.

William, 1st Bike
It was a little too early to crack open the wine so we had no idea what to do with ourselves.

Where has all this independence come from over night? It is just going to get worse isn’t it? Buying a curly wurly is the thin edge of the wedge – it will be Ibiza with their friends before we know it. Then Ben woke up and wanted to build sandcastles, and everything felt better again.

Ben's Toes
There are 2 pieces of advice that you can take from this post. 1. Holiday on the Llyn Peninsula. 2. Get a balance bike. It makes learning to ride a bike feel like a breeze. After that you’ll have to decide how to deal with your little one’s growing up because, like most, we are learning as we go.

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