BBC Radio Leeds: Discussing family life with a coeliac child.



Today I was invited to talk to Richard Stead at BBC Radio Leeds along side Helen Davis, Senior Specialist Gastroenterology Dietician at St James University Hospital regarding my young son’s coeliac diagnosis, the implications of this autoimmune disease and the way we have learned and continue to adapt to a gluten-free way of life as a family.

Whilst coming to terms with coeliac disease really is not a piece of cake, the ever increasing availability of resources are certainly more prevalent in this ever growing market and this can only be a good thing in terms of raising awareness about this incurable autoimmune disease.

Radio presenter, Richard Stead has been undertaking a 5 day gluten-free experiment as part of Free From February and getting to grips with what this entails. In this interview, he describes how it has been some what of an eye opening challenge! You can listen to the interview in full here.



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