Eating & Living Free From Magazine: Gluten-Free Baking In School.

The August edition of Eating & Living Free From magazine features an article regarding the after school weekly baking club that my 5 year old, William is involved in. I am really passionate about the fact that he has been able to participate given the potential issues of cross-contamination of gluten. The short article is available to read below.

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These are the types of things the budding bakers have been making and baking each week at school: Will’s School Bakes.

Furthermore, the advice I would give to any parent about to send their child to school, newly diagnosed and moving into a new school year in September or even a nursery situation is to be persistent with ongoing communication with the key teachers, catering staff, school nurse etc. not just once but continually throughout the year. By building up a good relationship both ways it has certainly helped with the transition of William moving from nursery to a new school.

Don’t be afraid or deterred by peoples responses, staff may need additional guidance and insight into the responsibility they have been given whether it be coeliac disease, an intolerance or allergy. Ultimately trust your gut instinct. I am forever grateful that William’s school embraced him having coeliac disease, he was the first child ever to have it within the school. Equally I have heard many horror stories from parents with children at other school where the opposite is sadly true.

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