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Fresh Fruit With Ginger Dipping Cream (GF)

Ginger Dipping Cream Serves: 12 Fruit Skewers These fresh fruit skewers served with ginger dipping cream will be well received at a Summer party. Use a colourful selection of your favourite seasonal fruit threaded on to wooden skewers and enjoy dipping into this cream accompaniment. It is not as sweet as chocolate or caramel sauce but equally tasty.

 A selection of seasonal fruit 50g / 2oz soft brown sugar 1 teaspoon butter 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 ... Continue Reading

Eating & Living Free From Magazine: Gluten-Free Baking In School.

The August edition of Eating & Living Free From magazine features an article regarding the after school weekly baking club that my 5 year old, William is involved in. I am really passionate about the fact that he has been able to participate given the potential issues of cross-contamination of gluten. The short article is available to read below. These are the types of things the budding bakers have been making and baking each week at school: Will's School Bakes. Furthermore, the ... Continue Reading