Morrisons pushing the free from industry.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.32.09This week I was invited to attend a free from event at Morrisons head quarters alongside a select group of likeminded individuals all with a keen interest in this thankfully ever expanding free from market.

Eager to discover more about Morrisons and in particular, its vision for the free from sector, I listened with great interest of their obvious passion to get this sector to the forefront of the Morrisons shelves, competing along side some of the big guns such as Coca Cola with their regular special offers. I have never stopped to think about the competition, product by product, free from or otherwise and it was plain to see how much Morrisons have already done and are continually doing to raise the free from bar and profile.

With over 200 gluten, wheat and milk free products now in their portfolio, no wonder gaining shelf space is of high priority for the free from buying team and with goals to achieve even more six bay spaces in further stores, (currently occupied in 90 of the stores), this is a positive step forwards and proves their calibre. Good work Morrisons!

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As one of the four leading supermarket chains competition is obviously high, so it was a privilege to be able to give our own personal thoughts on their existing free from products and new ones that will launch this year. As a consumer of these products myself, it was inspiring to see them take our comments on board showing that they are enthusiastic about meeting and exceeding free from consumer needs and making sure that they are on track with their core clients.

We were indulged with a three course free from Christmas lunch which was cooked by the head chef, its never too early for Christmas in my book and in supermarket terms, I am sure they are already forcasting 2017 nevermind 2016!

We enjoyed a whole host of other treats too that tantalised our taste buds. Attention to detail was high and I would challenge anyone to realise that all the food was gluten free. Only 135 sleeps until I can recreate that delicious three course menu again. I LOVE Christmas!

Morrisons launched a free from television advert in May which you can see below. I LOVE it. This advert turns the free from market completely on its head in my opinion and focuses on what you can eat as opposed to what you can’t or are missing out on, which is a big bug bear of mine when people complain about their dietary requirements. As the advert finishes, the word ‘belonging’ poignantly appears and I think that is a great outlook to have in this ever expanding free from market.

The future of Morrison’s free from market is looking healthy.

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