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My Portuguese Inspired Burgers (GF)

Makes: 9 patties, (8cm-10cm) Burgers are always a barbecue staple where ever you might be in the world, so I decided to make these Portuguese inspired burgers whilst visiting the south of Portugal. Using a local cheese known as 'Queijo Da Serra', this sheep's milk soft cheese is traditionally bound in cloth and created by artisanal producers. The second Portugeuse influence came from a good splash of Port. Piri-Piri sauce would also work well as an alternative. Ingredients: 750g / ... Continue Reading

Sun Cream…or Sun Scream? What a palaver!

As the summer holidays approach and the obligatory pre-holiday ‘essentials’ shopping trip for the get-away looms, no doubt you have put sun cream on your shopping list. Everyone has a list right, or is it just me? I love a list. We bought enough sun cream to sink the titanic and are big advocates of slathering on the protective stuff, however, it seems to be the bane of our family holiday this year! Call it a trio of mini tantruming kids - is there a collective noun for this? By ... Continue Reading