Mr Kipling’s Exceedingly Good Wheat And Gluten Free New Range.

  Mr Kippling

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Recently I was approached to sample the new range of gluten and wheat free cakes introduced by Mr Kipling.

As a child, Mr Kipling cakes featured regularly in our household, so I was quite excited and felt reminicent about trying the new range but most importantly being able to introduce my 7 year old coeliac to them too….Another generation of fans to add to Mr Kipling’s 50 years of making the most exceedingly good cakes!

Mr Kippling gluten freeThe free from range consists of four products which include Mr Kipling Ginger & Lemon Loaf Cake, Mr Kipling Mini Cherry Bakewells, Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake and Mr Kipling Apple Loaf Cake.  

My family unanimously decided that The Ginger & Lemon Loaf Cake was their favourite treat and I would challenge anyone to know it was gluten free. It was zingy and had a generous amount of lemon topping…bring on elevenses!

Mr Kipling

The cute Mini Cherry Bakewells on the other hand are perfect size and would appeal to all ages whether you are having a picnic or afternoon tea but the Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake got my vote. If you love the flavour of almond, then you will enjoy this cake, both moist and indulgent, I enjoyed every last mouthful and there was a cheeky amount of jam running through the middle.

Last but not least, the Apple Loaf Cake would be lovely with a big dollop of custard on an Autumn day, not too dissimilar to the unpredictive weather currently! Mr Kipling has certainly made something for everyone in this ever expanding gluten free market which is most definitely a positive thing.

I would like to see all of the above cakes made as individual “on the go” products as I believe there would also be a market for these. The packaging tears very easily making it difficult to maintain each products freshness but that is my only criticism.

In the words of Mr Kipling….”What makes your cakes so exceedingly good, Mr Kipling? He smiled, popped the last bite of a French Fancy into his mouth and leaned in to tell us, ‘a dash of imagination, a spoonful of delight and the very best ingredients I can find”.

Time for a cuppa and a little slice of the good stuff I think!

Cake Boy, Eric Lanlard, Cupcakes

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