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I was recently invited to attend a brand immersion event in London with Genius Gluten-Free entrepreneur, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, to discuss Genius’ recent product developments. Genius Gluten-Free came about as Lucinda was driven to create tasty gluten and wheat free bread for her gluten intolerant son because she was disappointed by the gluten-free breads on offer.

From a very young age I have always been passionate about baking, cooking and everything sandwiched inbetween. I really empathise with Lucinda’s story as I too always strive to create the most nutritious food for the whole family whilst still ensuring that Will (our son who has coeliac disease) does not miss out on anything. We’ve always been big fans of Genius’ products to the point where if we run out of Genius Crumpets at home, Will calls it a “Crumpet Crisis”!

Arriving at the venue, Aveqia, we were welcomed with a beautiful rainbow spread of food for lunch, inspired by The Genius Gluten-free Cookbook. From smoked salmon bagels, indulgent sandwiches to a range of vibrant, healthy dips topped off with a refreshing Summer Pudding, it was shaping up to be a great day!

The focus of the day was on Genius’ core batch of bread products that include Triple Seeded Farmhouse, Toastie, Wholesome Five Seeded, Soft White Farmhouse and lastly Soft Brown Farmhouse. All are now boldly distinguished with block coloured packaging and Genius believe that these are their tastiest, softest and most dependable bread to date. The Wholesome Five Seeded loaf and Toastie can also be purchased in handy eight slice packs which are perfect if, like us, not everyone in the house follows a gluten-free diet.

Surrounded by fellow bloggers, Becky Excell, Jenna Farmer, Sarah Howells and Katie Bucknell, we made short work of lunch before learning about Genius’ new products and the ethos behind them. It is clear to see the high level of precision and scrutiny the products encounter in order to produce consistent loaves worldwide with great taste, texture and aroma.

The next treat of the day was the opportunity to make our own Genius Gluten-Free loaf to take home with us which was really interesting to learn about the science behind creating the perfect loaf. Lucinda and her wealth of culinary knowledge proved really informative. It was also great to see that the Genius team really do place nutrition at the forefront of every decision process and I was surprised to see just how many different ingredients, sourced form all over the world, are used to create the perfect flour blend. The new breads really hit the triumvirate of requirements for gluten-free bread – great taste, texture and aroma.

As we rounded up the visit, the smell of freshly baked bread began to permeate from the ovens as we excitedly waited to see the end results. There was no way my loaf was going to make it all the way home to Cheshire without a sneaky taste! We finished the day with final questions and armed with a substantial box of goodies I had to maneuver through the London Tube at rush hour. My onward train was a squash and a squeeze, however my mind was already buzzing with ideas to create recipes for all the family. Watch this space!
This post was sponsored by Genius Gluten-Free.

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