Delamere Flower Farm Edible Flowers.

Delamere Flower Farm edible flowers.

I recently had the pleasure of sampling some edible viola flowers from Delamere Flower Farm which is set on the edge of Delamere forest in Cheshire. My vision was to incorporate them into a versatile Summery recipe suitable for all kinds of special occasions from weddings to family gatherings and this was the end result pictured below. The recipe can be found here.

Raspberry Mini Pavlova with edible flowers
The scent of the violas were powerfully fragrant yet delicate in flavour and contain vitamins C, A and several antioxidants. They’re striking and vivid appearance make them a perfect addition to desserts, salads or even ice cubes as shown below. 

I have experimented with edible flowers in a few ways so far and can’t wait to experiment further as shown below. In the first photo I won Delicious Alchemy‘s gluten free national competition version of The Great British Bake Off by making this ‘Blooming Lovely Citrus and Poppy Seed Celebration Drizzle Cake filled with Prosecco Cream and homemade Blackberry Jam’. In the second photo I created these …’shaken and stirred’ ice cubes and spoon with the vision to make them a feature at a BBQ party or family gathering and the third photo was a gluten free white, milk and dark chocolate cheesecake which was unashamedly made for my own consumption!

Flower montage

12 tier celebration cake image courtesy of Simon and Simon Photography.

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