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M&S Gluten-free Event.

Last night my family of 5 attended a gluten-free event hosted at the M&S store at Cheshire Oaks. These gluten-free events are currently running across over 70 stores around the country and is something we have never experienced with other mainstream retailers. Big thumbs up M&S. You can find your nearest M&S event here. It was brilliant to take my 7 year old coeliac to an event without having to swerve all the yummy food and be able to sit back and enjoy all the tasters together ... Continue Reading

Fruity Yogurt Pops (GF)

Makes: 10-12 Small (Approx) Let your little ones get creative in the kitchen! They are a fun way of getting your child to eat more fruit, whilst inventing their own fruity combination. Whether it be strawberries and kiwi fruit or banana and papaya, the sky’s the limit. Ingredients: 1 large mango, stone and skin removed 250g / 9oz strawberries, cut in half 300g / 300ml gluten-free creamy vanilla yoghurt 10-12 wooden sticks Method: 1. Place the mango and one third of the ... Continue Reading

Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream with Brandy Snap Cones (GF)

Makes: 1 Ltr As Wimbledon has commenced. I thought I would  share this recipe to make and enjoy over the next couple of weeks. Strawberries and cream go hand in hand for the tournament and so I have created this gluten-free strawberries and cream ice cream recipe with dinky brandy snap cones. I am not denying that it is pure gluten-free indulgence! Ice Cream Ingredients: 225ml / 8fl oz full fat milk, warm 140g / 5oz caster sugar 1 vanilla pod 5 large egg yolks 110g / 4oz strawbe... Continue Reading

Apple and Pistachio Crumble Ice Cream (GF)

Makes: 6 Ice Cream Portions I love the flavour combination of apples and the nutty crunch from the pistachio nuts. We have enjoyed these as a treat by big kids and little one's too! Great for children's parties too as they can be made in advance. Why not try serving in a chocolate cup to make a funky, entirely edible dessert? WARNING:Things may get messy! Ingredients: 2 cooking apples, peeled, cored and diced Dash of water 1 teaspoon soft brown sugar, heaped 225ml / 8fl oz full ... Continue Reading

Easy Banana and Coconut Ice Cream (GF)

Makes: 2 Portions This gluten-free, fuss free ice cream is easy to make and constantly requested by our children. Why not experiment by combining flavours such as pistachio nuts, gluten-free chocolate chips or peanut butter? Ingredients:
 3 medium bananas ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 50g / 2oz yogurt 2 dessert spoons dessicated coconut Method: 1. Slice the banana and arrange on a plate. Place in the freezer for 1 hour. 2. Meanwhile, place a small pan over a medium heat and ... Continue Reading