7 New Reasons to love Schär: Review


My little boy has been a massive fan of Schär products for as long as he has been diagnosed with coeliac disease at the tender age of 18 months. Now, at the cheeky old age of 8, he is very aware of his likes and dislikes for certain foods and is brutally honest and as black and white as only an 8 year old knows how. I love that childhood innocence and clarity without the need to impress or say what you want to hear.

So, these are his and my thoughts on the latest 7 new exciting Schär additions to grace the supermarket shelves and products that we were sent to try. The new products are Waffles, Deli Style Seeded Loaf, Chocolate O’s, Chocolate Shorts, Luxury Chocolate Biscuits, High Fibre Crisp Bread and Mix it! Universal – all-purpose flour mix:

Starting with the most important meal of the day, we tucked into the waffles topped with fresh fruit and a swirl of maple syrup. They got the thumbs up immediately from me as even though I served them with fresh fruit, Will devoured the lot and for once there was no battle to get him to eat fruit, win win!

The size of the waffles were a tad smaller than mainstream ones but I quite like that as they were perfect for little hands…sometimes you can have too much of a good thing anyway! I would definitely consider sneaking a pack into my supplies for a self-catering holiday or sleepover as they are robust enough to travel well. It was also nice to be able to offer another alternative to his regular breakfasts and to top it all, ready to eat in seconds which really counts when you are trying to get 3 children out of the house to school at 8am.

My husband and I tried the new Deli Style Seeded Loaf as I knew none of the children would entertain bread with seeds in. Love it or loave it, (excuse the pun), it is one hurdle I need to overcome with them to expand their tastebuds. Maybe it is one of those things you just grow into, like olives, hummus or spicy food? The bread comes in a handy sized pack with 5 slices in which is great if not everyone in your family is following a gluten-free diet and it was full of flavour with the right amount of nutty texture, particularly when smothered in a generous amount of butter.

Next in the lineup to try were the Chocolate O’s, formerly known as ‘Mini Os’, I knew the exact reaction I would get to these as we unashamedly purchased a sizeable amount of them on holiday in Portugal earlier this year. With a new and improved recipe, we snaffled the lot like naughty children whilst trying to conceal all the crumbs….well, it was the weekend. In the words of Will, “these are my favourite biscuits ever”. 10 out of 10 Schär, or maybe that should be 16 out of 16 as that is how many were in our pack.

Continuing in a sweet theme, the Chocolate Shorts and Luxury Chocolate Biscuits were opened simultaneously as Will had some friends coming for tea, so I wanted to see which biscuit they would all choose first and why. Reserving several of each for my own quality control purposes of course, I would challenge anyone to know that either was gluten-free. The children certainly never commented and it was a breath of fresh air to see Will’s friends all eating the same as him with no questions asked.

To finish, I am always looking for an excuse to make use of my cheese board and so when I knew I was cooking a Sunday roast for 10 people, the High Fibre Crisp Breads fitted the bill to round off the meal.

Coming soon…The 7th and final Schär product to be tried and tested is the Mix it! Universal all-purpose flour mix which I will focus on in a separate post as I want to create a festive recipe that all the family can make together.

 Whilst Schär supplied theses products for me to sample, I have not been paid for this post and all opinions are my own.


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